Today I’m both pleased and pissed off with my running. My amazing sister who’s part of a fantastic canicross team (Bandit K9 Racing Team) took me along for her morning training – 400m sprints up a hill. Again. And again. And again.

This for a guy who used to love watching Netflix in bed with pizza (and to be honest still occasionally does). Couldn’t keep up with her but that’s fine. I can be a very inconsistent runner who does it for fun, whereas she trains all the time and puts everything into it so of course she’s leagues ahead of me.

What I liked was that at one point I absolutely gave everything I had and achieved a great time (for me), pushing past what I thought my limits were & I was mentally very strong. What pissed me off was on the last one I felt I’d given up slightly.

Yes I was knackered but after I finished I realised there WAS more I could have given. I need to make sure I keep working on that mental strength I need when it gets really tough.

True I’m better at it (way better) than I used to be, but I’ve got a bit complacent. And I know I can do better. I’ve achieved personal goals in running I never thought I’d be able to. And I also know how much I can help others to improve the mental side of their running. Time to take my own advice again!!

If you’re looking to get into running or need some help with the mental side, have a look and see what I actually do, or check out some of the testimonials. If I can go from a couch potato to enjoying running, and help others get faster and enjoy their running more, perhaps there’s something I can help you with too. Visit my running page by clicking here. 

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