During these challenging times I am doing whatever I can to support my local community and beyond. 

Free Online Mindfulness Sessions

As part of doing what I can to help I’m planning to put on some free weekly mindfulness sessions online via Zoom. Most likely on Friday mornings. Zoom is really easy (and free!) to use and I can help if you get stuck. More details to come very shortly!

If you’re interested please message me and I’ll add you to the list. Take care everyone and thank you to all those in the NHS, education etc who are doing so much right now. #wewilladapt


Anxiety levels have skyrocketed for many reasons.  I am offering as many free consultations as I can to those who cannot afford it by phone and online for this.  Please get in touch to book one (Click here to contact me) or read more on my anxiety page.

School Leaders

Stress, worry and anxiety is often seen as being part of any leadership role, perhaps even more so in some elements of education leadership.  But as I work with a lot of leaders in education settings over this period (and having been one myself) I’ve seen this become overwhelming.  And not surprisingly given the circumstances! Strong leadership is vital now more than ever, and in order to do that the leaders need to be supported and looking after themselves.  For this reason I’m offering as many free anxiety & stress reduction/wellbeing sessions as I can.  Please get in touch to book one, just click here. 


I’ve always offered free support to teachers who may not be able to afford private help, and this is remaining now and I’ve increased the number of sessions available.  Get in touch by clicking here to book one or go on the waiting list.

NHS Staff

With friends and family working in the NHS my heart goes out to everyone within the organisation.  I’m offering free or discounted sessions wherever possible so please get in touch to find out more by clicking here.


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