Anxious about going on dates? Struggling with online dating? Difficulty communicating with a partner?

I’ve found these sessions really helpful and think it has definitely helped me feel more comfortable in situations I would normally find hard. I want to thank you for everything.

Whatever the problem, there are ways of moving from struggles to success. Get in touch to find out how.

I’ve had a particular interest in dating and relationships for many years.  During my Psychology degree I chose to write my dissertation on relationships and falling in love. This research into how relationships are formed, different theories of what ‘love’ actually is, barriers and challenges to relationships was a perfect grounding in what I went onto next…
Because after this I ran a dating agency for four years, helping people to find a suitable partner.  I was able to put theory into practice and help people really understand what is most important to them in a partner and relationship.

With online dating and apps being such a huge part of modern dating, this brings with it a world of opportunities… and potential challenges.  Whether you’re recently single and new to the modern way of dating, or find it difficult to move from online conversations to real life connections, there are many ways in which the techniques I use can help you.  Whether in establishing what you need in a new partner, building your dating confidence, working on communication within a relationship, or simply feeling happy and confident in being single, contact me to see how you can benefit too.

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