Overcoming IBS with Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy

Although it’s a very common and problematic condition, affecting both men and women in up to 15% of the population worldwide, it’s also one that can be incredibly hard to treat and has such a detrimental affect on your life.
The good news is that a growing amount of research has shown the benefits that approaches such as Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness can have on IBS.

I’ve had issues with IBS for as long as I can remember. It’s embarrassing, it’s ruined work and social events and made me worried about going out. I was having to take so many painkillers to cope with it but even that didn’t always work. I’d tried all the diets, supplements, exercises but nothing had helped much, or if it did it didn’t last.  The Doctor told me there was nothing else I could really do. I’d read that hypnotherapy might help so I wanted to try it.  I’m really surprised by how effective it’s been.  I feel like I’ve got control back at last and I hadn’t realised how stressed this had been making me.  Really grateful to have had the help with this.

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Why is this one of the areas I specialise in?  Because I’ve lived with IBS since I was 16. I know the crippling pain it can cause, the worries and social anxieties that can come with it. The good thing is that I’ve also seen how effective Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy are at getting it under control.  Both in myself and in my clients.

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