Pizza vs Running

Pizza. Love it. Far too much actually. So a few years ago, if you’d told me that the way I would chose to spend my birthday wouldn’t be centred around pizza but would be wanting to go running, I would have thought you were totally nuts.

Yet that’s exactly what I now do. And despite the cold, running on Bournemouth Pier in the dark, lit up and with people calling out everyone’s names and encouraging strangers is a high I never got from pepperoni.

I’m still working on speeding up but I got a much better time than expected, especially after pushing myself at parkrun this morning as well. Absolutely love it. (Tho I’ll still be getting pizza at some point soon! I doubt that will ever change!)

If you’ve wondered about getting into running but you’re not sure how to get started, or you haven’t got the confidence to do it, give me a call. I do a free session to help you find out what I do and how I help and to see if I’m the right person to get you started on that running journey. Just email me at, or visit my running page

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