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You’re unique, and I work in a way that’s tailored to you, so it’s always best to have a chat. But here is an idea of how it all works and answers to some questions you may have:

Case Study – A Real Life Example

Sometimes it’s easier to see an example of how things work. So here’s a story of someone I helped, to illustrate my style and the process.

A client came to me with an overwhelming phobia of going to the dentist. Just the thought of it gave him a gag reflex and severe anxiety, to the point where he couldn’t have a check- up without anaesthetic. He’d been to a long list of dentists and people who claim to help with dental anxiety. He’d researched techniques and tried them out. I was very much
seen as a last resort by someone who would never have considered Hypnotherapy or Mindfulness. (I do get a mix of people like this and those who are very keen to try it!)

After our initial chat and consultation session, I devised a four-session treatment plan which involved coaching strategies, Mindfulnesss and Hypnotherapy, along with some relaxation and desensitisation about those aspects he found so unpleasant.

As a sceptical client it wasn’t all plain sailing at first. After our first session I set him a task to do before our next meeting, which he didn’t complete as he didn’t see the point. I told him we couldn’t work together if he wasn’t 100% committed to the process. I’m open-minded, supportive and caring, but I’m strict too when I need to be, to ensure we stay on track with your treatment plan. It’s important to me that you achieve what you want! And if you don’t want to achieve your goals I’ll suggest you come back when you do. Although don’t worry, I know there are times when life gets in the way and you can’t always get things done between sessions!

He came back two weeks later with the task completed, and I’m pleased to say that by the end of our four sessions, he went to his dentist and didn’t need anaesthetic. And he wasn’t worried or anxious. For the first time in over 50 years. In fact his Dentist commented on how calm he’d been, and said he couldn’t believe the transformation!

Clearly not every case works in the same way, but this example shows what can be achieved when we work together.


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