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“Amazing mindfulness meeting! Thanks Tom, already feel like a huge weight has been lifted!”

Teacher, 2018


Having spent many years in the classroom and also in senior leadership, I have a very clear understanding of the particular worries, anxieties and stresses that can be part of being a teacher.  I’ve worked with teachers at all levels and have found that some worries apply to all of us, and others are quite specific depending on the stage you’re at in your role.

Why me?

As a fully qualified and experienced teacher I understand exactly what the realities of the job can be like. I’ve experienced times of significant stress and anxiety myself as part of different roles and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.    I have also seen the differences between schools when it come to staff wellbeing and how stress and anxiety can manifest at different stages of a teaching career.

I’ve mentored teaching students, NQTs, RQTs and experienced teachers.  I’ve been an LSA, lunch staff, teacher, year leader and senior leader so I’ve seen it from various viewpoints and I now work with teachers and schools to support teachers’ wellbeing.

I’ve trained at industry-leading Universities and Colleges for Psychology, Stress and Anxiety management and, most importantly, you can see from my reviews that what I do actually works.

I belong to several teaching groups and give advice and suggestions whenever I can.  I also try to offer discounts to teachers as I believe it’s such an important job and want to see those who love the profession not only stay in it but be happy there.

I currently have 2 free full sessions available per month just for teachers.  Just let me know in your initial message that you work in education and if I have either of the free spaces left then it is yours!

I have been working with teachers on things such as:

  • Confidence in moving to a new role or new school

  • Anxiety around being observed

  • Dealing with workload

  • Sunday night worries about the week ahead

  • Switching off from work and generally being able to maintain their wellbeing

Get in touch for a chat to see if I can help you too. Just click here.

Tom Cleary was my mentor/tutor whilst I completed training in conjunction with Winchester University. The course was rather challenging and throughout the experience Tom was there to guide and support me.

When I felt overwhelmed or unsure Tom was always available to listen to my concerns or anxieties, no matter how trivial they may have seemed. He always knew the latest research and methodologies and managed to convey these in a way that was accessible and clear.

There were times during the course that I lacked self belief and Tom would always point out the positives in my achievements whilst gently steering me in the right direction.

I left my course with outstanding marks and I believe that Tom’s support enabled me to achieve this.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom  to anyone looking for fair, empathetic and knowledgeable support.


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