Here are some of the things I can help you with:

Anxiety & Fears

Anxiety is one of the major areas that I help people with. It covers a wide range of things, from general anxieties about social events, to specific problems like a fear of public speaking or dreading a visit to the dentist.


  • Working with social anxiety issues
  • Building your confidence and self-esteem
  • Overcoming your fears and phobias, like going to the dentist or encountering spiders
  • Improving relationships with your friends and family
  • Valuing yourself when being judged by others
  • Dating with confidence
  • Coping with social media
  • Dealing with online versus real life interactions
  • Working with LGBT people with confidence and social anxiety issues


I have done both mindfulness and hypnotherapy sessions with Tom to help me with stress and social anxiety. He was very friendly and professional and I felt like he adapted things to suit me. He listened to what I was saying and really helped me work on what I needed which has helped me a lot!


As a Teacher and Assistant Headteacher I’ve worked with children and their parents to help them become happy and successful. It’s been a passion of mine that’s continued.


  • Anxiety and Stress issues
  • Moving up a year or changing schools with confidence
  • Dealing with the pressure of exams, tests or presentations
  • Building new relationships with peers and teachers
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Dealing healthily with technology and social media


Tom was fantastic with our 9 year old daughter: he put her at her ease and his experience as a teacher meant that he could explain and use visual aids which she would identify with. He went above and beyond our expectations to give her methods to work on, and recordings which she could take away and use. Her sleep has improved and she is sleepwalking less and less. She enjoyed the sessions and the effects were quick.

Running & Sports

As a keen runner myself I work with all types of runners, from those who are just starting out on their first ever runs or doing a programme like ‘Couch to 5k’, to those who have run professionally and are looking to improve or change what they do.


  • Joining new clubs or teams
  • Increasing your running distance
  • Improving your PBs
  • Overcoming mental struggles mid-way through a race
  • Setting and achieving new goals!
  • Increasing motivation
  • Running without music


New PB this morning at the Winchester 10k! You were in my head the whole way and helped me so much! I didn’t stop at all at the end and had a strong finish! Thank you so much.


Without a healthy amount of stress we’d find it hard to accomplish what we need and want to in both life and work.  But most of us suffer from a far larger amount of stress than this and that comes with a whole range of physical and mental health problems.


  • Stress at work
  • Understanding causes of stress
  • Managing and reducing stress
  • Making stress work for you


When I felt overwhelmed or unsure Tom was always available to listen to my concerns or anxieties, no matter how trivial they may have seemed. He always knew the latest research and methodologies and managed to convey these in a way that was accessible and clear.

Dating and Relationships

I’ve had a particular interest in dating and relationships for many years.  From choosing to write my Psychology dissertation on relationships and falling in love, to running my own dating agency.  I’ve helped people understand what they are looking for and develop their confidence.


  • Navigating online dating apps and sites
  • Moving from ‘online’ to real life
  • Self-esteem and social confidence for dating
  • Authenticity vs Compromise in relationships


I’ve found these sessions really helpful and think it has definitely helped me feel more comfortable in situations I would normally find hard. I want to thank you for everything.


As someone who has run my own businesses, managed and led teams and had to overcome a fear of public speaking, I’ve seen how coaching and therapy can have a dramatic impact on your work and career.


  • Public speaking and delivering presentations
  • Setting a plan to develop your career
  • Achieving more in your current job
  • Improving your work-life balance.
  • Increasing focus and productivity at work
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety at work


Tom is a very skilled therapist who puts you at ease right from the beginning. I needed help with an anxiety related issue at work that was stopping me from making progress in my career.  Tom helped me develop really effective coping strategies that I still use today. Thank you Tom!


Whether it’s knowing what’s really important and moving towards that, or just enjoying day-to-day life rather than only living for our next holiday, coaching and therapy for making the most of our waking hours can make all the difference.
  • Getting the most out of your life
  • Establishing what’s important to you
  • Setting yourself short and long-term life goals
  • Turning resignation into hope


Thanks so much for today, brilliant session.  I can really feel the benefits and look forward to testing them out!

Sleep & Insomnia

Sounds simple.  You get into bed, close your eyes and off you go.  Time to rest, recharge and rejuvenate before the next day starts.  But for many of us that just doesn’t happen.  Insomnia and sleeping difficulties are a huge problem which have a detrimental effect on our work, life and relationships.  Thankfully you don’t have to stay like that.


  • Tackling insomnia to get a better night’s sleep
  • Sleepwalking and sleep talking
  • Quietening down your mind at the end of a busy day
  • Improving ‘sleep hygiene’ and routines


The night after my first session I slept better than I have in ages and I now have a recording he made for me that helps me sleep better. Highly recommended.

Pain Relief

Chronic pain conditions such as IBS and arthritis can sometimes be managed really well.  But when you’re told that nothing else can be done and painkillers are your only option, it’s not always the best situation to find yourself in.  While I always get clients to check with their GP or Consultant first, the benefits of Mindfulness and Clinical Hypnotherapy on pain conditions has been shown in a growing number of studies.


  • Learning how to reduce pain in chronic conditions
  • IBS
  • Arthritis


That’s the first time I’ve felt someone has really listened to me and helped me find something else that actually makes a difference to the constant pain I’m in.


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