Without a healthy amount of stress we’d find it hard to accomplish what we need and want to in both life and work.  But most of us suffer from a far larger amount of stress than this, and that comes with a whole range of physical and mental health problems.
The good news is that both Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy work incredibly well for helping you deal with stress.

Amazing mindfulness meeting! Thanks Tom, already feel like a huge weight has been lifted!

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Some of the stress issues I help with:

  • Stress at work
  • Understanding causes of stress
  • Managing and reducing stress
  • Making stress work for you
  • Increasing your resilience to stressful situations

What is Stress?

At at basic level, stress is our body’s response to pressures from a situation, life event or expectations (from ourselves or others).

We all differ in our response to stress.  Everything from the environment we live in to our social networks and support, even our genes can make a difference.  Most of us experience stress when we feel out of control, find ourselves in new or unexpected situations or feel overwhelmed by the pressures and tasks ahead of us.

Our bodies are designed to produce stress hormones in these situations that trigger our ‘fight or flight’ response, enabling us to respond quickly to a situation that puts us in danger.  Like being charged at by a rhino.

The problem is that most situations we find stressful these days don’t fit into that type of ‘danger’ category.  And when the stress response kicks in during these situations, this is where we can begin to have both mental and physical health problems.  Especially in times of chronic stress.

There are times when stress is useful, it can motivate us and give us the ability to do better in situations that we may be uncomfortable in, like speaking in public.  And sometimes that absence of stress can cause its own problems.  One of the things I do is help people recognise exactly when they’re moving from a level of stress that is healthy and motivating, to a point where it’s becoming unhealthy. Sounds simple?  We all know when we’re too stressed right?  Actually we’re not as good as we think we are at spotting it until we’re quite far down that path.  Learning how to notice it earlier on makes a great deal of difference.  And then learning how to manage those stress levels more healthily.

How I can help

I use a combination of evidence-based techniques and approaches to help you understand your stress and move past it, and in some ways making it work for you.  The way I work depends on your personal situation and what is going to work best for you.  The first step is us having a chat so you can tell me a little bit more about what issues are currently causing you stress.  Just click here to arrange a call or email conversation.


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