A lot of my work comes from word of mouth and recommendations, so it’s great to be able to share some of these comments from previous clients.  Some people prefer to remain anonymous so a few names have been changed or replaced with initials at the request of the client.

I heard about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy from a family member and decided to book a session with Tom. I needed to feel capable to face a new career after changing professional area. Cognitive and behavioural hypnotherapy worked well for me. I left the session feeling self-confident with great sense of self-efficacy, I felt stronger in my capacities and ready to deal with all sorts of professional challenges. Tom is a great therapist, I really felt I was listened to and understood in my difficulties. Tom, thanks for your sense of humour and overall for the guiding and preparing me in my new professional life.

Ellie M, London

I recently had my first supervision session with Tom and found him to be personable and extremely helpful. We covered a lot of ground in an hour and Tom was informative and supportive. He was able to clarify several issues for me. The session left me positive and highly motivated – and happily, that has carried on!

Kalki Henenberg, London

Thank you so much for your time yesterday, I came away feeling both excited and empowered!

Jess Robson, London

I have done both mindfulness and hypnotherapy sessions with Tom to help me with stress and social anxiety. He was very friendly and professional and I felt like he adapted things to suit me. He listened to what I was saying and really helped me work on what I needed which has helped me a lot!

Dawn Baxter, Southampton

After coming to see me about social anxiety and relationship worries, we worked together using both Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness techniques to resolve these issues:

“I feel a lot happier and more confident that this is really going to help me, I’ve already used one of the techniques today, it really did help!”

“I’ve found these sessions really helpful and think it has definitely helped me feel more comfortable in situations I would normally find hard. I want to thank you for everything.”

Miss H, New Forest

Tom is a very skilled therapist who puts you at ease right from the beginning. I needed help with an anxiety related issue at work that was stopping me from making progress in my career.  Tom helped me develop really effective coping strategies that I still use today. Thank you Tom!

Marie, London

Tom was fantastic with our 9 year old daughter: he put her at her ease and his experience as a teacher meant that he could explain and use visual aids which she would identify with. He went above and beyond our expectations to give her methods to work on, and recordings which she could take away and use. Her sleep has improved and she is sleepwalking less and less. She enjoyed the sessions and the effects were quick.

Sally W, Hampshire

Thanks so much for today, brilliant session.  I can really feel the benefits and look forward to testing them out!

Annie G, Winchester

Well, after worrying myself stupid yesterday about the Eastleigh 10k this morning, I sat down last night and listened to your recording. It worked and I can’t thank you enough. No panic at the end when the crowd were shouting and I didn’t stop. Managed to clench my fist and block the whole lot of them out. Finished with a pb of 49.55. Thank you again, no way I could have done that without your help! 😁

YG, Southampton

Amazing mindfulness meeting! Thanks Tom, already feel like a huge weight has been lifted!

Emma S, Southampton

From someone with a very ‘busy mind’ who has been working on being able to enjoy her runs with a calm, peaceful mind as a break from the rest of the day.  Having tried Sports Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness before and finding that some things didn’t work for her, we worked together on trying new techniques.  This is her feedback:

“I’ve just run 16.5 miles with no music and mostly on my own.  For the first time ever I ran for 3hrs 3o minutes and my mind was calm!!! Thanks Tom, the techniques are really starting to work :-)”

“I started running as I wanted something to help my mind switch off and as a way to get fit. However I really struggled to clear my mind (I have ADHD). Work introduced me to ‘mindfulness’ and I hated it, what they taught me didn’t work for me. I went to Tom wanting to be able to run with a clear mind. In just two sessions Tom taught me ways to focus and use imagery. I practised 3-4 times a day and last weekend I ran 16.5 miles (a loop event) and 10 ‘laps’ of the same path on my own with no music. What’s more I was able to clear my mind! Tom’s techniques enabled me to clear my mind, focus on my run and enjoy it! This would have been impossible for me before, I would never have completed 10 laps as I’d be very bored and frustrated! Thank you Tom!”

Jo Dunn, Hampshire

Thank you for the beautiful meditation.  I am really enjoying it.  I passed my assessment with flying colours! You have been a wonderful inspiration to me, a bright light at the end of the tunnel and a wave of optimism.  I think you are a bright, amazing professional and will miss our sessions.

Anne Dodd, Southampton

Tom, we are just reviewing successes etc from this year and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you personally for really supporting the school and going above and beyond for us this year.

Headteacher, Infants School in Fareham

Tom introduced a Well-Being day for a whole cohort of Y9 students (360!) and then did a toolkit session with quarters of the year group.

It was great, brilliantly planned and very well received by staff and students.

It was fantastic to give the kids some practical strategies.

He was great to work with and really adaptable, I would highly recommend him.

Jennifer Swan, Brookfield School, Southampton

Thanks for the staff training last week, it was really good and it really got staff thinking. The Early Years staff were buzzing the next morning and really keen to get started on using some of your ideas.

Thank you for all your help and great ideas.

DB, Assistant Headteacher

I didn’t know too much about mindfulness before going to Tom’s mindfulness workshop, only what I’d seen in the media. I can see how it could help anyone, young or old dealing with anxiety, stress, low self-esteem… pretty much anything!

I really recommend Tom, his knowledge, passion and expertise are clear, he wants to help.

Definitely got me thinking about how I can be more mindful in my everyday life. Thank you!

Faye Susanne, Fareham

I originally came to Tom because I’d been putting off going to the dentist for so long that it was causing even more dental issues that needed fixing and I’d got to the point where I had to do something.  I’ve had incredibly bad anxiety about seeing the dentist since I was young and I’ve tried everything – specialist dentists and even when someone told me that whistling helped! This was a bit of a last resort and I was very sceptical to be honest.  But it worked incredibly well! I’m so glad I went and I wish I’d gone soon.  My dentist is very surprised at how much I’ve changed! Thank you Tom.

John Bastion, Winchester

Thank you for an amazing talk last night. I must admit I was a little sceptical about asking you to talk but I am so glad I did. Our members were still buzzing about it after your left.

At our meeting on Monday we were treated to a wonderful talk from Tom Cleary about how, in his profession, he uses hypnotherapy to help both adults and children deal with their anxieties. No one had to act as a chicken although the talk itself was mesmerising in that Tom gave an insight into the human mind.

Chandlers Ford and Itchen Valley Rotary Club

Dear Tom,

Just to say a very big thank you again for the talk that you gave today.

It certainly hit the right note as it was all that people were talking about in the pub afterwards!

After a talk to a law firm on ‘Mindfulness and Coping with Stress in the Workplace’

Caroline Taylor, Head of Commercial Property, Stone King LLP

Thank you for really listening to me.  I didn’t feel I could tell anyone else as I thought they’d think I was making a fuss about nothing, but it’s been having a big impact on my life for longer than I can remember.  I can now go out and not panic in situations which were really worrying me.

Mrs M, Portsmouth

I took my 10 year old son to see Tom in the summer of 2018. My son is very competitive, and occasionally that competitiveness spilt over, effecting his relationships with friends at school. He’s also a keen footballer, and his passion to succeed sometimes suffocated him on the pitch,  negatively impacting his performance – not to mention his relationships with his teammates. Tom met with him and gave him a number of coping strategies, allowing him to better manage his temper. These techniques included breathing strategies, as well as recordings of Tom speaking, which my son listens to, allowing him to connect his feelings and emotions with different parts of the body, essentially allowing him to better connect his body to his mind. Tom encouraged my son to draw pictures of different situations; on the football pitch, at home and at school. He asked him what good would look like in each scenario, and how it would make him feel if his behaviour was good in those situations. These drawings are still on my son’s wall, and he constantly refers to them still now – six months after his last session with Tom.
I am pleased to report that, since my son worked with Tom, his behaviour has improved drastically. His last school report was stunning, his teacher told me he was so proud of him, saying he was like a different child compared to last year, that he was doing well academically and was building strong relationships with his peers. His football coaches have said something similar. He is so much calmer at home, and while there is the occasional flashpoint, he has learnt to work through these moments, and gets through them in a much more mature way than he did previously.
We can’t thank Tom enough for his help, and would recommend him to anyone. He works really well with children, he won my son’s trust instantly and was able to communicate with him, and get him talking freely. My son was really receptive to Tom’s ideas, which definitely had a positive impact on him.
Thanks again Tom – we really appreciate all your help.

TH, Hedge End

A friend recommended I see Tom because of insomnia and worrying about various issues. From the first session he took the time to actually find out what I was looking for but also challenged some of my thoughts and made me realise the reason behind things wasn’t quite what I had assumed. The night after my first session I slept better than I have in ages and I now have a recording he made for me that helps me sleep better. Highly recommended.

Matt Clarke, Winchester

On greeting Tom you instantly get a feel for his calm nature and sensitivity towards your particular reason for the visit.

As a great listener I felt taken seriously and progress was achieved rather rapidly.

I have never been shown such a clear path to success and Tom’s follow up care made me feel valued not just another customer through the door. Thoroughly recommend 5*


Elizabeth Jones, Winchester

From the moment I got in contact with Tom I no longer felt I was alone in my struggles. He always manages to respond quickly to inquiries despite being so busy. Tom is so motivational, kind, and understanding. In one hour he helped me find my wings and I am confident that his skills as a therapist and supervisor will help me to make my dreams of success a reality.

Rose Curl, Norfolk

Hi Tom, I can’t believe how successful this has been and have told lots of friends and family.  This has been quite essentially an amazing experience that I didn’t think for one minute I would be able to give up.

Sue B, Hampshire

Tom Cleary was my mentor/tutor whilst I completed training in conjunction with Winchester University. The course was rather challenging and throughout the experience Tom was there to guide and support me.

When I felt overwhelmed or unsure Tom was always available to listen to my concerns or anxieties, no matter how trivial they may have seemed. He always knew the latest research and methodologies and managed to convey these in a way that was accessible and clear.

There were times during the course that I lacked self belief and Tom would always point out the positives in my achievements whilst gently steering me in the right direction.

I left my course with outstanding marks and I believe that Tom’s support enabled me to achieve this.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom  to anyone looking for fair, empathetic and knowledgeable support.

Mrs S, Winchester

New PB this morning at the Winchester 10k! You were in my head the whole way and helped me so much! I didn’t stop at all at the end and had a strong finish! Thank you so much.

EY, Hampshire

Tom, thank you so much for your input today.  The staff are certainly engaged with this developmental area and appear keen to try out some of the practical tips given today.  We are even adding a Mindfulness section to our prospectus!!

RJ, Headteacher


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